Our goals

Empowerment of CF patients

Mentoring and exchange of experience within our CF Service as well as the useful offer of our new Online Guide CF-GALAXY with inspiring and motivating exercises, recipes, tipps, and advices from chefs, athletes and CF fighters facilitate the complex everyday life for CF patients and families and enhance their life quality.

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CF in der Öffentlichkeit

Through media, participating in national and international conferences and forums as well as Awareness Projects like the CF exhibition BEING UNLIKELY we aim to draw the attention of the public and decision makers in the health sector to the causes and effects of the disease Cystic Fibrosis and the challenges of life with CF.

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Funds for the CF science and research

CF research for treating causes and symptoms of CF is more promising than ever ! Through our event GROSSE SCHRITTE /Great Strides and charity events, concerts, exhibitions, public readings initiated by us and our supporters, funds for  CF are raised and the children with CF are provided with a future perspective. 100% of the donations go to the national und international scientific CF research.

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