CF-Calendar ‚Living With CF & The Things That Matter‘ 2022

CF-Calendar ‚Living With CF & The Things That Matter‘ 2022 - Jan 15, 2022

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The ‚Living With CF & The Things That Matter‘ is an international CF calendar project that features CF-fighters from all over the world, united beyond distance and borders in their hope that one day CF will be a curable disease. All these young CF-fighters are sharing their story and the persons and things that matter to them and help them keep on the fight.

The calendar serves as an empowerment tool for the CF fighters through the power of individual stories, situations as well as the approach to them; it creates a momentum of union between the communities across boundaries. It acts as an awareness rising tool and enables to communicate the personalities behind CF and their courage to the public.

Please find the new calendar here 2022 reduced size PDF !!


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